Lowering gambling ages

Lowering gambling ages jimmy kimmel casino

Should gambling be legalized in India?

By that same logic, if you aren't mature enough to gamble at 18, by the same logic, you set yourself up to make it look as though you feel that they aren't mature enough to decide to risk their lives for their country. You are legally able to go out and die for your country, so why shouldn't you be able to go out and gamble? Check out this thread for details: For real confusion, the legal gambling age lowering gambling ages 18 or 21, depending on the casino, in California, New York and Oklahoma. With a blackjack lessons vegas casino gambling age of 18 and a legal drinking age of 21, drink servers at casinos would be compelled to card patrons to see if they could be served a drink. PrinceTyBrianChristopherPhampau and 1 other person like this.

If the drinking age isn't lowered at the same time, I could see the casinos using it as an excuse to stop free drink service on the floor. A bill being sponsored in the Nevada Assembly this session would lower the gambling age in the state from 21 to Republican assemblyman Jim Wheeler is sponsoring a bill that would lower the age to gamble in Nevada from 21 to The bill would also.

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